Monday, 29 December 2014

My Tops of 2014


I thought because it is the end of 2014 so I will do a best of 2014! One for each category TV, Movies, Book and Game! So get ready yo!

This was a really had thing to pick as I have read a lot of books but I decided to do two categories, best series and best new series that I started this year!

Best series book is THE CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE by Cassandra Clare!

This is the final in The Mortal Instruments series so I can’t say too much about the plot and I have mentioned this book and series before on my blog cause I love it!. It follows our main protagonist Clary as she discovers her world is full of secrets and mystery… she is a shadow hunter!

I would be surprised if you guys didn't know about this book series as it has gotten a lot of hype and there has also been a movie out about this series as well (The movie was terrible and now they are trying to make a TV show…) I loved this book because oft he characters and the great sassy remarks which Cassandra is so good at putting into her stories! Obviously being a final book I was excited to see what was going to happen and I was quite happy with the ending, it lead perfectly into her new series coming out next year THE DARK ARTIFICES.

My Favorite new series is THE LUX SERIES by Jennifer L Armentrout
This series has been out for a while and I have finally jumped on the band wagon! This series follows Katy as she moves to a new town and discovers her neighbors are not what they seem…

I love Jennifer's writing style and how she can give you the right amount of background information in a small amount of time, I don’t like books that lack the detail which is needed in a book such as this. I love the characters some oft hem are so sassy and the banter between the characters, it also has some good action as well which is always a plus. And like most of Jennifer's books there is a hot guy or a bunch of hot guys

My Favorite TV show is GAME OF THRONES

I realized this should have been on my top 10 favorite TV Shows list but I somehow forgot it! This was still hard as there have been some great TV shows this year and even though I was late to jump on the GoT bandwagon I’m still beyond happy I did! The show is gripping and has so much detail it keeps you entertained even though it has a lot of blood and guts. The story lines are great and I love some oft he characters like the mother of dragons and some oft he Lannisters and Starks.
I’m super excited fort he next season to start next year plus hoping to start the book series too! George R.R Martin is the man!

My Favorite Movie is X MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

This movie was so good!, I have always loved the X men universe and although I haven’t read a lot oft he comic book series I have always been a fan, even watched the many TV shows that have been on.
This movie joins both the original X men from the first set of movies with the newer set, it was quite exciting to see the young professor X with the old professor x. This movie follows wolverine as he must travel from the destroyed future tot he past to stop the destruction from taking place, it brings in a lot of new characters which is something I love and even though I thought the story line might be confusing it wasn't it played out easily and the character development was good. I also love how we got to meet the X Mens version of Quicksilver who is also going to be in the new avengers film but is completely different.
This has lead it in a great way fort he next films to come and I’m still hoping for a X Men VS Avengers movie

My Favorite Game is DIABLO 3

I started playing this game this year as I haven’t played any oft he other ones but was excited to give this one a chance, I thought the best way to explain it would be to show the blurb from the Battle Net website

We're proud of the original Diablo's dark, moody atmosphere and engaging item-grabbing gameplay. Diablo II added more environmental and monster variety, more diverse classes, and a number of unique elements that have since become synonymous with the franchise (like gems, runes, set items, etc.).
Both games established the series' hallmarks: randomized levels, the relentless onslaught of monsters and events in a perpetually fresh world, unique quests, tons of items, and an epic story about the High Heavens, the Burning Hells, and the hapless and heroic human beings caught between them.

I like to be a Wizard (There is 6 classes in the extension) in this game and am a fan of the ranger style! This game has a great story especially with the extension which I highly recommend if you can get it. Its also really awesome to not play the story and to level up and farm some really good items, highly recommend this game to any gamer and even a good game to start out with, this was one of my first proper games and I found it easy to work it just takes time to work out what items and skills are best for you.
That was my list and I hope it gave you some ideas and you enjoy it
I hope you are doing well and have a great day
Peace : )
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Hey Guys!


I have been a bit MIA the last few weeks, that has been because I have been busy with all oft he Christmas things as I am in a new country so I had to get into it and do everything I could!!!
I hope to start posting again but do maybe like 1 a week maybe more and I hope to start doing reviews too! On Books, Movies, Tv Shows and even going to put some games in there too, just to give a different view on things

I also hope to try do random posts about life and everything in general as to whats going on in the world, I know it can be annoying but hey I just want to get out all the blah in my brain!
I have decided to do around one post a week it could be two at times but right now with everything going on its best to keep it a smaller number

If anyone has suggestions or tips for my blog let me know please!
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Happy New Year too!

I hope you are doing well and have a great day

Peace : )

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Part 2 of some of my favourite TV Shows!


Here is Part 2 of my Top 10 TV Shows I love!, they are in no particular order same with the last list and they are just of my real life shows not anime or anything cause then I would have to write forever and this is only a small list as I do have more but these are just good as yo!

6. Friends

Its funny to think that this show started around when I was born! And once I started to watch this when I was around 12 but re watched them over and over because I actually started to understand the jokes then haha. It follows the everyday lives of six friends living in New York city, it has the ups and downs of friendships and relationships! Plus it has some great actors and actresses at the start of there career such as Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow. It gave you all the feels and was just a great series, sadly it has finished now and people still hope to have a movie made of what happens next!

7. Gilmore Girls

This show is probably one of my favourite shows of all time! It taught me so much and especially that it was a good thing to be a book worm as one of the main characters was!. It follows the life of single mum Loralai Gilmore and her teenage daughter also called Loralai but everyone calls her Rory, its great to watch Rory grow up and go through high school then collage plus all of the drama that comes along with growing up! Loralai doesn't get off easy either as it follows her ever changing love life and dysfunctional relationship with her parents. This show has finished but there is always hopes that the show will be made into a what happened next movie like a number of shows on this list!

8. The Real World

This is a great show and one of my guilty pleasures! It is a reality show where every season it follows 7 individuals as they move in together a city and love together. The show really just shows what happens when people stop being polite and get real which is the catchphrase too. I like it because it puts people with different back grounds and ideas on life together where a lot of drama and romance can happen but its important to show there are different types of people and that the world needs to be more accepting. This show and its other road rules lead to the creation of another show of my list the challenge, its a great show and does give you the feels! A new season called the real world skeletons starts in December!

9. Veronica Mars

This is another show that has been cancelled and this one only lasted 3 seasons which I think is terrible! It followed Veronica Mars a detective of sorts as she goes through the fun that is high school, her dad is a private detective and she works for him but also she does jobs for her classmates and is trying to solve a murder!. The one good thing about this is the actors and actresses I love Kristin Bell who plays the main character in the series and it introduced us to some good heartthrobs at the time Teddy Dunn and Jason Dohring!. We did get a bit extra though as with the help of Kick starter program they managed to get enough money to make the movie and the Veronica Mars movie was released in 2014. Still miss this series such a good show!
10. Gold Rush

This is a documentary show on the discovery channel where I am from and is a good one at that, I was trying to think of which one to add but there is just so many this spot really is just for documentaries. I watch a lot and about almost every topic such as deadliest catch or river monsters and a number of ones looking inside old buildings to find out there secrets. Gold Rush is about 4 or so parties who are mining in Canada and the United states, its about there journey to get gold and there relationships within each of there groups, it even had a season when one group went to south america to try there luck over there, the gold mining isn't always the problem its finding the gold, dealing with the environment and also each other. I love me some docos yo! 

I hope you are doing well and have a great day
Peace : ) 

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Part 1 in my Top 10 TV Shows for now!


Today I feel like doing a top 10 TV shows that I love and always will, however I am going to limit this to real life shows because if I had everything I would get stuck writing for ever! And these are both shows that are still going but also some are sadly finished...
This will be part 1 today and then part 2 tomorrow just so the blogs don't get too long yo!
They are in no particular order even though they are numbered, I'm not good at deciding what TV show I like best or movie or book...

1. Once upon a time

This hasn't been going for very long but I just fell in love with it!, It is about a woman who finds her son that she gave away on her doorstep, she agrees to take him home and stumbles upon StoryBrook a town that's
not quite right... its full of fairytale characters transported from a curse by the evil queen!. I like it because I have always been a fan of fairy tales, it has everyone Peter Pan, Snow White, Cinderella and even Rumpelstiltskin!. Its in its fourth season now and just went on a break! Love it though and all the feels!
2. True Blood

I know that this series was based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris but I have never read the series and I think that was why I enjoyed the series so much! Because I didn't compare it to anything, I could just take the show as it was. It follows Sookie Stackhouse in a small southern town called Bon Temps in a world where vampires are out and it goes through there interactions with humans!. It had 7 seasons which finished this year! It very much sucked to have this series finish but I liked the ending and its a great series!

3. Revenge

I loved this series in its first few seasons as I loved the actors that were in it and was interested to see how a show with the main concept of revenge would work! It follows Emily Thorne whose father was sent to prison for a crime he never committed, this is her story as she trys to take down the people that betrayed her father!. I love Emily VanCamp in this its such a different side compared to her in Everwood, this show is still going and is at the half way mark of its fourth season, not as good as the start but excited to see where the series is going!

4. Reign

This is a new love for me! I only discovered it at the middle of the year but it started in 2013, and it has become my new favourite thing! It is loosely based off the life of Mary Queen of Scots in 1557 France, as she is betrothed to the Prince of France Francis (I find that funny!). I have always loved history and even though it does differ from the history books its still a great show to watch! It has a bit of everything from action to romance and political issues of the time.
Its full of some Australian and New Zealand actors which could be why I like it more! It is half way through its second season and oh the feels!

5. The Challenge

I first discovered this show from another show on this list later on but I have now fallen in love with the action of this show. This show takes cast members from the real world and road rules where they make teams or in pairs and compete in different challenges to win cash money! Its great because its so different one season you can have teams VS each other or it could be rivals! It has everything witty banter, romance and action as some of the tasks they do are really hard physical and mental stamina.Putting 20 odd people in a house together for a long time there is always going to be trouble. This show is still going and the new season Battle of the Exs 2 starts next year woop woop!

This is part 1 so get ready for part 2 tomorrow to finish the list!
I hope you are doing well and have a great day

Peace : )

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Movies at the cinema I want to see right now!


I thought since I did a book one I might as well do a movie one!, this is just a list of movies in theaters or just about to come out. They are numbered but that doesn't mean anything! I’m trying not to spoil too much sorry if I do! Here we go 5 movies I want to see right now!

1.The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

This is he 3rd movie in the Hunger Games franchise! I have read all of the books so I am super excited to see whats going to happen, I have heard already such good things that its a great adaptation where not only does it stick tot he book it actually adds things to it making it better! One of these things being Effie, which I’m excited to see how she is going to fit into the series
This movie is about the aftermath of the quarter quell where Katniss has escaped and district 12 is gone! DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNN!!!!! It should be very good and very sad, I’m getting ready for all the feels!

2. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

I’m super excited to see how this is going to end! This follows he awesome Hobbit Bilbo and a bunch of dwarfs after they have got tot he end of there journey but then shit goes down! I loved the lord oft he rings a lot, ist probably one of my favorite series and I’m really excited to see where Peter Jackson is going to take it (He is from New Zealand! Represent!!) I know that a lot of people are not happy that the Hobbit book by J.R.R Tolkien as it is such a small book, I personally haven’t been able to read it just yet but am definitely going to! I’m ready to sit for 3 hours yo! Now in theaters

3. Into the woods

This is a soon to be released movie and is not out yet but it will be soon I believe in February!
The movie is take on fairy tales and it is also just so you guys all know it has singing but it also has an amazing cast Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, and Meryl Streep to name just a few which is super exciting. Its like an intertwined story of a number of different fairy tales such as Cinderella, Rapunzel and the wolf. I don’t know heaps about it but I think its a cool concept and sounds really cool plus I love a good musical now and then and the line up heaps me decide as I love Meryl Streep.

4. Night at the Museum: The Secret of the Tomb

So there is another night at the museum movie and I know that sounds bad but I kinda like them! Yes they have been over done a bit and probably should have stopped at the first one but I kinda like the idea of museum displays coming to life as I love Museums yo!
It follows again Larry the night guard played by Ben Stiller who I really like I find him funny (loved something about Mary!) as the magic that makes the museums come a live starts to wear off! It brings a lot oft he old characters from the first couple of movies such as Robin Williams and Owen Wilson plus new characters played by Rebel Wilson and more.
Its a great kids movie fort he holidays as it comes out in most countries the middle of December so that's good. I’m ready for some feel good action!

5. Gone Girl

This is already out in theaters and has been so hyped since the movie has started to come out, the book is by Gillian Flynn. I haven’t read the book and everyone says that its best to go into it not knowing whats going to happen so I don’t know much about the book or the movie. All I know its hat ist a crazy thriller type movie where a husbands wife goes missing and he gets the blame!
I like these suspense movies and I hope that its actually good, I might just see the movie first and maybe pick up the book later. It has some good actors in it with Ben Affleck who is definitely good in these kinds of movies and the female lead is Rosamund Pike, I have seen a few other movies and I think she is alright. Hopefully this movie lives up tot he hype and is good I’m ready to be on the edge of my seat!

That is my list, there are obviously heaps of movies that I haven’t seen and really want to but I think that list would go forever!

I hope you are doing well and have a great day
Peace : )

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Friday, 12 December 2014



I just updated my blog a bit you know to add some pictures to it in each blog entry, I though that its best to show visually what I'm actually talking about especially because I am myself a very visual learner
How I feel about pictures!
(Gif from

So I hope you guys enjoy the little pictures even added some gifs!
I hope to have another blog up in a few days

I hope you are doing well and have a great day
Peace : )

When I grow up I want to be a gamer!


I wouldn't consider myself as a gamer as such maybe a flash gamer but I like to do stuff with others or share something with them and I have grown up playing card games like Skip Bo and Go Fish but also board games like Cluedo and Monopoly
My favorite games have always been console and flash games! So I am going to do a wee discussion of some of my favorite games and where I started out.

My first real game experience was with the good old SEGA! Showing my age a little there : /
I played a game called ALEX THE KID, it had the best music and was in that 2D style I loved it, as you may have guessed you are a character called Alex and you go on adventures killing squids and epic jumping levels that took me ages guys!. Also obviously I then got into MARIO games and things like TETRIS haha

I think my first proper computer game was an emulator for POKEMON YELLOW. you know the one where its really annoying having Pikachu follow you EVERYWHERE! That really started my love of Pokemon as I never had a Game Boy or any device like that I had a friend with the emulator on his computer and that's all we did when I went to his house.

                                                        Pokemon Yellow with Pikachu                   

Alex the kid on SEGA!
I am very ashamed to say I never played ZELDA… I know so bad but I have started playing it now so I think that can make up for it!!!

I then went through a phase of such random games, at home we have a collection of PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games, which was one of the first consoles I got, on those was stuff like TEKKAN (Love these games) and COOL BOARDERS also JAMES BOND

It’s hard because I had a older brother and sister who loved it too so I had to share what games we could get. On PlayStation 2 we had a lot of racing games like GRAND TURISMO which I liked,we probably have like nearly all of them too... along with most every other racing game from motorbike, dirt bike, car and off road type racing but also as I got older we got GRAND THEFT AUTO games, chill and adventure games like BUZZ Quizzes (Even the kid ones) and CRASH BANDICOOT of course.

We also did get a niNintendo64 which was literally the coolest thing ever to get when I was younger playing games like YOSHI (Still one of my favorite characters ever!) and because I had older siblings JAMES BOND again! These were the coolest design of a disc as well it went like the SEGA and you just plugged it in at the top!

                  Crash!                               RACING YO!


Now as I am older, I still obviously play all the above mentioned games! Although I don’t play the new Pokemon, my favorite generations are first and second after that they start to get really weird (WHY DID THEY EVOLVE MEWTWO!!!!!) I have played red, green, yellow, I think I tried to get blue, a little of crystal, and sapphire.

I have branched out a little and have played FABLE and DIABLE I particular loved DIABLO 3 with the extension was such a good game, these are adventure games where you can follow a story or go out on your own and train particularly with Diablo. I have played a little online gaming such as GUILD WARS 2, a mmorpg I believe where you train up do quests and mix with others online and HEROS OF NEWERTH, which is online game where you have 3 different types if gameplay and a large vary of characters to pick from, which I quite enjoyed. I’m not playing my flash gaming sites now like KONGREGATE and ARMOR GAMES as much now but are still fun from time to time.

DIABLO 3                                 FABLE!


There are so many awesome games and I can’t wait to get into them and maybe become a real gamer!

I hope you are doing well and have a great day

Peace : )

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

TV Stuff YO


I love TV, I don't know what it is I just have always been a fan of it though I still went outside and did all of that stuff as a kid I mean I lived outside but I also had this love of TV. This hasn't changed since I have gotten older its just changed in preference as to what I like to watch!

When I was a kid around 8-12 I really loved POKEMON and DRAGON BALL Z those were the types of shows I loved, I was a little bit of a tom boy where I liked the action type shows, MEGA MAN, X MEN, ZOIDS, I even watched a little DIGIMON.
Still a good show!

Like any action adventure type of show I loved it, but I also loved documentary shows, which seems kinda weird but it was like a family thing to sit down and see what was on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICS or the DISCOVERY CHANNEL that however hasn't changed as I have gotten older still love that stuff yo! must be the scientist in me!

Love me some docos!

What has changed is I like to watch the most random shows, I like the classic shows you know TRUE BLOOD, VAMPIRE DIARIES (guilty!) GILMORE GIRLS to name a few. I love the whole idea of sitcoms the happy go lucky nothing too serious chill funny type of shows like FRIENDS that was a awesome show and started I think around when I was born!

Still re watch this all the time!
One of my all time favorites!

I do have a guilty pleasure though... Reality TV I don't know what it is but I just like that crap and it is at times such crap JERSEY SHORE, GEORDIE SHORE or THE VALLEYS are some of the classic type of reality TV I have watched but I do have a little bit of variety. I do love the show THE CHALLENGE, which is a competition show with people from the real world and road rules series and THE REAL WORLD this show puts 7 stranges into a house and see what happens, they do have goals and do have to work sometimes which are a little different to anything else I have watched and its got more to it in my opinion. I also love those food channel shows that I would kinda classify as reality or competition like CUPCAKE WARS! So good but so random.
Awesome show
Bit of a laugh really

One of my all time favorite channel at home was the FOOD CHANNEL my full guilty pleasure, even though it makes you so unbelievably hungry its just fun to sit down and learn to bake! I did get some recipe ideas from that channel! Didn't turn out as good as the ones on TV but hey I tried!

I do totally get that there is some crap TV shows out there like beyond bad and I think sometimes I watch them!. I am totally a believer of not letting it rule your life! it is a great way to get over a reading slump though just saying GILMORE GIRLS helped me a lot!.
I do like being outside and going to do stuff and I think people forget about that sometimes especially the younger generation which frustrates me, as a kid I was constantly outside and I think they should be more instead of always watching TV or playing with some other device

What kinds of shows do you guys reading this watch!?

I hope you are doing well and have a great day
Peace : )

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A give away for the new Novel Wicked by Jennifer L Armentrout!


I want to talk a little bit about a author that I have recently discovered and share one of her giveaways for her new series!. This is Jennifer L Armentrout who has also done the LUX Series, COVENANT Series and DARK ELEMENTS Series to name just a few, I have read the first two series and loved them however she has a new series out called WICKED!

"Twenty-two year old Ivy Morgan isn’t your average college student. She, and others like her, know humans aren’t the only thing trolling the French Quarter for fun… and for food. Her duty to the Order is her life. After all, four years ago, she lost everything at the hands of the creatures she’d sworn to hunt, tearing her world and her heart apart.

Ren Owens is the last person Ivy expected to enter her rigidly controlled life. He’s six feet and three inches of temptation and swoon-inducing charm. With forest-green eyes and a smile that’s surely left a stream of broken hearts in its wake, he has an uncanny, almost unnatural ability to make her yearn for everything he has to offer. But letting him in is as dangerous as hunting the cold-blooded killers stalking the streets. Losing the boy she loved once before had nearly destroyed her, but the sparking tension that grows between them becomes impossible for Ivy to deny. Deep down, she wants… she needs more than what her duty demands of her, what her past has shaped for her.

But as Ivy grows closer to Ren, she realizes she’s not the only one carrying secrets that could shatter the frail bond between them. There’s something he’s not telling her, and one thing is for certain. She’s no longer sure what is more dangerous to her—the ancient beings threatening to take over the town or the man demanding to lay claim to her heart and her soul."


I think it sounds great and exciting! For its release Jennifer L Armentrout is having a give away on her blog where you just have to tweet about the give away and you will go in the draw to win a awesome prize pack! It came out on december 8th, so is available now!
Jennifer L Armentrout's Blog/

I love her books and wanted to share this with everyone and just saying that cover is amazingly beautiful and I had to share it!!!!!!

I will try do some reviews of some of her books such as the LUX and COVENANT series that I love so come along and see those

I hope you are doing well and have a great day
Peace : )

Just a book library chat


I don't know if anyone noticed but trying to just post on week days and not at the weekend, and I will be MIA over the full Christmas period as I have to get among all the exciting things as this is my first Christmas away from the Lovely New Zealand.

I am living at the moment in Germany, trying to learn the language and culture! I hope to find a job really soon haha, I thought it was hard to find a job in my own country, definitely a lot harder in someone else's!

And living here means I am away from my amazing lovely book collection, it sucks sometimes because there are a couple series that I love to re read especially when I have a lot more free time such as the Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison (Now have kindle versions) which is a funny contemporary read about a girl named Georgia trying to deal with the issues of growing up, dealing with friends and meeting boys!. I do have a few books here with me that I did bring over and that my folks have sent plus a couple I have bought!

My library consists of books two and three in the Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind one I got sent and the other I came with it, this series follows a number of different people namely Richard as he discovers there is so much more to his world. I also came with the fourth book in the Soul Seeker series by Alyson Noel called HORIZON, I really like the series its about magic but in such a cool different native people type way very cool. And I was also given Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott as a present, this book is supposed to be hunger games meets pokemon type deal as far as I know not 100% sure though!

Creepy cover... I like it
Interesting series...
This is prettier in the flesh!

Books I have bought while I have been here are the final installment of The Mortal Instruments series By Cassandra Clare, CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE, I loved this series and just had to get the new one, though disappointed I didn't get the NZ/Australian copy as it had a really awesome comic in the end, this series follows Clary as her world gets tipped upside down when she discovers she is a Shadow Hunter!. I also bought The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, I am really excited to start reading this as I have only heard such good things about it, its like historical fiction set in world war two so definitely looking forward to it.

Loved this books! Final in this series!
Heard only great things about this book!

I do find buying books here in Germany hard though as obviously my mother language is English that's what I want my books to be in, some book stores have an English section which is great but the section is very limited. I have been trying to find some more English book stores but just haven't really had the time just yet, it does mean if I get books its usually not a physical book as I do have a kindle but also they likely come from Amazon which is okay but I would prefer to support book stores and physical books. love the feel of a physical copy of a book!.

If anyone knows of any good bookstores in Germany let me know in a comment!

I hope you are doing well and have a great day
Peace : )

Monday, 8 December 2014

Books I really want to read right now!


There are a number of books right now that I'm really interested in reading or continuing on with a series so here is my top 5 I WANT TO READ books as of right now

1. Ignite Me by Taherah Mafi

I'm a little late on this series but I have recently been able to read it and have fallen in love with the series!. This is the 3rd Novel in the Shatter Me  series after Shatter Me and Unravel Me, there are also 2 novellas, one Destroy Me and the Other Fracture Me which I still haven't read either!.
I love the idea of this book and I feel like the best way to read this series is to know nothing about it! It really made me love the series more to go in blind and not know the story or themes, all I will say is it follows Juliette and she is awesome!.
Great characters, story and setting, its a great read with fantastic writing skills. Awesome job Taherah Mafi!

2. Origin by Jennifer L Armentrout

This is also a series that I am late on as the last book has already come out, this is the 4th book in the Lux series by Jennifer L Armentout. It is a Sci-Fi series about Aliens, I'm saying that because it does say on the back, it follows Katy as she moves into a new house next to a extremely hot and extremely arrogant next door neighbor. The story that unfolds I found exciting, energetic and I couldn't put the other books down so I am very excited as to where this series will go and how it will end! Plus I love the romance in this series, I'm a sucker for a good romance but the action makes it a win win for me!

3. All The Light We Can Not See by Anthony Doerr

This book has had a lot of buzz on BookTube and has seen to be such a moving story!. I don't know too much about it but the premise seems so great, its about a blind french girl  living in Nazi occupied Paris and a orphaned German boy who joins the army. Its about there stories but also how there stories combine, and I'm really excited to see where it could go. I haven't read a lot of books set during world war 2 but I think this one has all the feels for a great winter night!

4. The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons

I have wanted to start this series for such a long time! And I don't know why I have never read it, it is set in Russia during world war two when the Germans have started to try invade, it follows Tatiana who is 17, and she meets Alexander a soldier and instantly there is an attraction. However her older sister seems to fancy him as well and the story unfolds from there. Its supposed to be a gripping story with all the feels, which is probably been one of the reasons I haven't red it as its quite intimidating!
I do hope to start it soon just have to prepare for all the feels!

5. Reborn by C.C Hunter

This is actually the first book in the After Dark series, which follows the life of sassy Della Tsang as she tries to battle through the normal life of being a teenager and also a vampire!, This is a side series to the shadow falls series. This series is set at a school for supernatural beings from vampire and fae to werewolves and shapeshifters. I have read the shadow falls series and was excited to see C.C Hunter continue with a different point of view this time, its a care free read and a very easy read. The story is cool and I enjoyed reading from Kylie's point of view where you get introduced to the series and her 2 best friends Miranda and Della. I loved the character of Della and can't wait to read what she gets up to!

These are just some of the books I hope to read, hopefully over the winter season! The To Be Read pile I have is just continuing to grow with the great new novels that they come out with, woop woop I love books : )

I hope you are doing well and have a great day
Peace : )

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Book to Movie/TV Show Talk


This is such a massive topic I most likely will come back to it, however I saw a question in a tag on BookTube and it was would you rather all books be made into TV shows or Movies and it got me thinking... What would I pick

Its easy to see especially at the moment that movie makers are loving to make book to movie adaptations and this is seen in TV Shows, and this results in the good the bad and the ugly!

Sounds a bit harsh but some movie adaptation are very poorly made, I understand you need to cut heaps out of the book to make it movie size but changing rather large sections can have its consequences for such die hard fans. The Mortal Instruments based on the series by Cassandra Clare and the Vampire Academy movie based on the series by Richelle Mead were okay for me but I think they could have been better if more time had gone into them and the right people were there that actually had a passion for what they were doing.

So much potential!
Was okay, not great...

A good movie adaptation I would have to say would be the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, the story is a little different and they cut some things out but its still got so much of the tone and most of the content from the book that fans of the books can relate get it and love it.
There just seems too many book to movie adaptations though and I'm getting a little sick of them, especially when they have been done so many times like the fairy tales (Not a fan of the snow white movies that have come out). Don't get me wrong I do enjoy them and I gladly go see them when I book I like is turned into a movie or start reading a book as I liked the movie or TV show.

Only a few changes
I hope this is just as good
Was one of the best adaptation ever!

I have done this with Game of Thrones, and so many people say about these kinds of shows and movies that the book was just better... It brings up the question do you read the book first? For me its normally a yes, I read the book before I see or watch a TV show mostly.

Guilty Pleasure
But with TV shows these are mixed for me, I quite like the Vampire Diaries and True Blood but never read the books and watching the shows makes me not want to read them. TV shows get so much more room, more room to craft the story but also more room to change it. Look at the delirium pilot, was supposed to be a TV show from the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver... I quite liked this series but the pilot had the whole first book in it! It had beyond insta love, as in it only took 40 minutes!. This to me was done poorly, I liked the books and it could have made a really good show as the plot and the ideas behind the story I thought could make a great TV show...
Great series books meh

I loved these books, show however...

Please don't think I only like vampires! Just such easy examples, the adult books and other moe contemporary books to movie adaptation has been done a lot better I think with movies like the Notebook, the Giver, the Book Thief, the Help etc. John Green and Nicolas Sparks books have adapted well to the book/movie change, there is still hope and this is a never ending discussion!
Lets hope the future book adaptations get there stuff together... Really hoping the Mortal Instruments TV Show is good too...

I hope you are doing well and have a great day
Peace : )

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