Friday, 3 March 2017

2017 So Far

Hey Guys!

Already into March and have happily gotten through quite a few books!
Goddess by Ednah Walters (Runes Series #7)

Finally a new Runes novel was here! I was super excited to jump back into Cora and Echo's story since a lot was going to go down! I like a lot of the book but was a little eh about the way the story went, still looking forward to getting more from this world though as some serious crap is about to go down and I'm not sure how all of my favourite people are going to deal and survive!
The first book in the series is called Runes and its normally free or super cheap so what better way to start a series and see what you think.

West By Stacey Marie Brown
West was one of my favourite characters from Darkness series and I was excited to not only get back into that world by see how my boy was doing! I love his humour and really did enjoy the book, a lot of twists and turns but a little bittersweet. The people in this series are so different to what I have read in the past and its such a new take on what people would call Fae. Best place to start is with the Darkness series or the Collector series which is also set in this same world and even has more hot character. I would say its not for younger readers! An easy step back into this world especially with a new companion series coming out!

Ash: The Hive Trilogy by Jasmin Eve and Leia Stone

Only recently got into this series and am really enjoying this series, it was just what I needed and its not perfect but keeps me intrigued. Haven't read a lot of Vampire books in a long time so cool to see a new twist mixing them with a kind of dystopian modern day.  Its cool to see a different take on the normal vampire story and it really has some great characters that keep me going back! At the moment I am just about to start book 3 and see how this story is going to end, a lot has to happen so excited to see what happens to my favourite sexy six and Charlie!

31553869Raven Series and Slumber by J.L Weil

I do love J.L Weil's writing and was happy to read more of the series she has written and I was super surprised. I just jumped in not knowing much and fell in love! such a cool concept and nothing I had read before. A lot of action and epic powers which you would not normally expect. I like the way its built into our world yet it is very different! The first book in the series is White Raven and then only 2 other books that you would just fly through, easy read! Plus I really like the cover and I'm normally not a person on the cover fan.

Also read Slumber by her as well, all I knew is that it had something to do with Sleeping beauty but the world is so awesome and fun that I read it way too quickly! The main character was fun and relatable but the really cool thing was the world and what resulted from such a crazy catastrophe. This book definitely needs to be given a chance and more people should take a look, it is a good start and has a lot to build on with twists and turns. The next book is set to come out in December of this year so plenty of time to catch up! Plus  just love that cover!

Hidden Magic by Stephany Wallace

I was very intrigued by this story as there really are not that many druid books that I know of, I went in not expecting much but did quite enjoy the story. The magic system was really cool and having 2 POV's did confuse at the beginning but made sense later, and I think I can see why people would not like this book, the characters at times are very playful and can seem a little immature but people just need to understand the background to understand the characters. I do really love the Druid history and is one of the reasons I want to keep reading the series, it adds to the story and there is a lot of unanswered questions.

Myths of Immortality by Raye Wagner (Sphinx book #3)

I was so excited to read this because I love this story! Hope is such a great character and been through so much. The story has a lot of twists and turns, going to places people don't really come back from but that ending makes me very angry that I have to wait so long for the next book! The first book in this series is called Curse of the Sphinx and so far 3 books are out with more to come! It is set in modern day but with a twist Demi gods and greek mythology. I have always been such a fan of greek mythology and take any chance I can get to read a different authors take. We see so much more about what happens when the gods decide to mess with the mortal world. Really recommend the story!

21847057Dark Magic by Madeline Freeman (Clearwater Witches #6)

This series has been a bit of a guilty pleasure! I love some good witch books now and really have enjoyed learning with the characters on what they can really do but it also has so much more then just witches that give it an edge. Sad to see this series end but needed to know what was going to happen! Following all my favourite characters this last one definitely had a lot of action and a lot more depth then some of the others taking you into a different world of magic. The series starts with Crystal Magic and we follow Krissa as she is thrown into a world that she could never have imagined. A lot of books in the series but for me worth it!

Still got a lot to read and it seems my TBR just gets bigger!

Hope your doing well and have a great day!
Peace :)